Interior Window Solar Screens

Interior Window Solar Screens

Download Product BrochureThe Mastershade® ISC Interior screen system from Sunair® is the perfect solution for maintaining shade and comfort in your home or office. The ISC Mastershade® dramatically decreases heat and glare caused by the sun. Our screen are the ideal solution for solar protection, shading or total black out by controlling or blocking the sunlight that penetrates your windows and doors. Our shades also protect your furniture, curtains and floor coverings! Imagine sitting at your computer or watching TV without being disturbed by too much sunlight and still having a view of the outside. The Mastershade® is available in hundreds of fabric colors and is operated either by a motor or manual controls.

The Ideal Interior Shade to Filter Natural Light

Enjoy the sun when you want it and shade when you need it with the Mastershade® ISC Interior screen system. Our screen will significantly reduce indoor temperature while lowering cooling costs by blocking the sun's rays. Depending on the type of fabric used and size of the window, you may realize a reduction in air-conditioning costs. Sunair® has three ISC Screen models to fit your needs, depending the size of the window.

Motor Options:

Somfy Motors feature either a wall switch or an integrated radio receiver that allows you to operate the shade by remote. The optional "Chronis-Lite" sun sensor will lower the shades automatically when shade is needed.

Mesh Fabrics:

Sunair® only offers the best mesh for your screen. There are different mesh fabrics available offering both exceptional transparency and sun blocking capabilities. Our mesh patterns vary from 1-10% open to completely opaque for room darkening purposes. Ask your Sunair® dealer which mesh fabric is best for you application.





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