SC4000 Cabled & Magnetic Lock Retractable Sun Screens

SC4000 Cabled & Magnetic Lock Retractable Sun Screens

Download Product BrochureThe SC4000 is an exterior cabled rolling solar screen for small to large windows and porches. The system is available with standard cables, and for windy locations, the optional magnetic locks are available for extra stability.

Rolling Screen with cassette, cables, & optional Magnetic Locks

With the magnetic locks installed, the screen fabric remains taut when the screen is in its lowered position. If a wind gust lifts the hem bar, the magnetic lock will release the screen fabric from the pressure and then the magnetic lock system will automatically reposition the hem bar back into the lock.

Max Size:

  • Standard Cables: 22 ft. wide & up to 14 ft. high (Smaller widths at larger heights)
  • Magnetic Lock Cables: 16 ft. wide & up to 14 ft. high (Smaller widths)(Maximum height depends on fabric type and width).


A gear/crank set is standard on the SC4000. A convenient push-button motor is also available with a hand held remote control

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Soltis 86 (14% open)
  • Para acrylic fabrics

Motor Options:

Somfy Motors feature an integrated radio receiver that allows you to operate the screen by remote. The optional "Sunis" sun sensor will lower the shades automatically when shade is needed. A wind sensor can be added that gives the extra protection from wind by retracting automatically.