Exterior Window Solar Screens

Exterior Window Solar Screens

Download Product BrochureThe Mastershade® screen system by Sunair® is the perfect solution for maintaining shade and comfort in your home or office. The Mastershade® dramatically decreases heat and glare caused by the sun and is the ideal solution for solar protection, shading or total black out by controlling or blocking the sunlight that penetrates your windows and doors. Our shades also protect your furniture, curtains and floor coverings. Imagine sitting at your computer or watching TV without being disturbed by too much sunlight and still having a view of the outside. The Mastershade® screen system gives you complete control of your environment while not disturbing the view through your window. Sunair® offers only the highest quality mesh fabrics known for their exceptional transparency and sun blocking capabilities. Ask your Sunair® dealer which mesh fabric is best for you.

Why Mastershade® is the best screen on the market


Features - The cassette is a compact 4" x 4" design made of powder coated extruded aluminum. The cassette has an easily removable front cover. A larger 5" x 5" model is available for wider widths.

Benefits - The compact cassette design makes it easy to adapt the Mastershade® to most buildings. The aluminum extruded design is stronger than some of the competitors sheet metal box design. A removable front cover makes for easy installation and adjusting.


Hem Bar:

Features - The hem bar of the Mastershade® is heavy duty with a recessed cavity for attaching the fabric and smooth rounded edges in the channel.

Benefits - The recessed fabric cavity hides the fabric pocket so the pocket seam is less visible from inside the window. The smooth edges help eliminate sharp corners and fabric damage due to wind.  



Features - Two types of standard track are available for the Mastershade® including the "Flange" tracks. In addition, you can substitute tracks for cables or eliminate the track or cables all together.

Benefits - The flange track overlaps the fabric edge, eliminating the light gap in the window that will otherwise be seen between the fabric edge and the track. The optional cables are used when the standard tracks can not be bolted to the wall.