A retractable awning is a great way to add shade and comfort to your outdoor space. But not all retractable awnings are created equal. There are many components that make up a quality retractable awning, and you should know what to look for before you buy one. Here are some of the main components that you should pay attention to:

Fabric: The fabric of the awning is the most visible and important part, as it determines the color, style, and durability of the awning. You want a fabric that is 100% solution dyed and resistant to fading, mildew, and water, as well as easy to clean and maintain. The best fabrics for retractable awnings are acrylic fabrics and Sunair® only uses the best brands on the market. Sunair®'s main brands offered are Tempotest by Para as well as Sunbrella by Glen Raven Mills. These fabrics offer exceptional stability, color fastness, and UV protection. They also offer some of the best warranties on the market. Sunair also offers a wide range of fabrics by Sattler and Recasent. All fabrics are sewn with Tenara® thread. This thread is manufactured from GORE-Tex. Tenara® thread is made of Teflon and will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. The clear thread is nearly invisible on most fabric colors.

Frame: The frame of the retractable awning is the structure that supports the fabric and allows it to extend and retract. You want a frame that is strong, sturdy, and rust-proof. All profiles on Sunair® awnings are made of aluminum which is light weight and does not rust. All main components under stress are made of “forged” aluminum which is much stronger than traditional die casting or permanent mold casting. Therefore, the Sunair® model is available in custom sizes up to 40 ft wide x 14 ft projection, which can cover a large area of your patio or deck. All arms 8’7” and up in projection have three heavy duty springs for extra tension in the arms and help prevent spring fatigue over time. Sunair® uses only the strongest materials yet is engineered for flexibility with a unique two-way movable front arm attachment. Our unique two-way movable front arm attachment relieves strain and increases flexibility and strength in the arm, which reduces wind damage. Manually operated Sunair® units use a heavy duty 4:1 ratio bevel gear with a stop. An 8:1 gear is used on larger widths. The 4:1 gear is the most efficient gear made. This gear minimizes the time and effort needed in operating a manual awning. The stop eliminates fabric damage due to over rolling. The Sunair® model retractable awning is available in 9 standard frame colors. Custom RAL colors are also available. Sometimes the area on the wall to mount the awning is very narrow, yet a larger projection is desired. The Sunair® XP offers the ability to overlap the arms in order to fit larger projection arms onto a narrow frame. This cross-arm version is available when the desired projection exceeds the width. The Sunair also offers an optional ”Valance Plus” roll down drop valance. This roll down valance is great for extra shade on western exposures when the sun is low on the horizon. Acrylic or mesh fabrics are available for the Valance.

Plus, as well as manual or motorized control.

Warranty: 15-year limited frame warranty. 10-year limited warranty from the fabric manufacturers. 

Motor: The motor of the retractable awning is the device that powers the movement of the awning. You want a motor that is reliable, quiet, and energy-efficient. Sunair® uses only motors from Somfy / Simu, a world leader in motorization for sun protection products. You should also look for motors that have safety features, such as manual override, wind sensors, and apps for controlling your motor with a smart phone or tablet.

Accessories: The accessories of the retractable awning are the extra features that enhance the functionality and appearance of the awning. You want accessories that are useful, convenient, and stylish, as well as compatible with your awning model and design. Sunair® offers some of the best accessories for retractable awnings such as lights, heaters, sensors, and an “app” for controlling your awning with a smart phone or tablet. Sunair® accessories have quality materials, are easy to install, with warranty coverage.

These are some of the components that make up a quality retractable awning. By knowing what to look for in each component, you can make an informed decision when buying a retractable awning for your home or business. A quality retractable awning can provide you with many benefits, such as sun protection, energy savings, outdoor comfort, and aesthetic appeal.