The outdoor room and outdoor living have evolved over the years.  It has become more than just an outdoor area to drink a morning coffee or get a breath of fresh air while enjoying your garden.  Today’s outdoor spaces are designed to create a seamless extension of the indoor living space to the outside.  By creating this “Outdoor room” as it is commonly called, you can transform your outdoor living space into an oasis you, your family, and friends can enjoy for years to come.  Many also want to use the outdoor space year-round, and every day if weather allows. It takes is a little planning and design work, and maybe some expert advice.

When you’re designing the outdoor room, you first have to decide on the style you wish to have. One way to decide on the “theme” is to look to your home’s interior space.  You should have symmetry and uniformity from the indoor space to the outdoor space and a connection between the two.  For example, if you live in the Southwest and your home has a western design and interior, you should incorporate a similar theme in the outdoor space.  Your Outdoor area should always be thought of as an extension of your home.  So, it is important to bring the comfort of indoors to the outside in your design.  There are many decisions to make.  Do you need separate areas for eating and relaxing?  How many persons do you want to comfortably entertain in the space?  You also must decide on the type of furniture and accessories you wish to have, and whether you want an outdoor kitchen, water feature, plantings, etc. 

Then, you have to decide what the purpose is for the space and what you want to use the space for.  If you want to use the space only on nice days and sun is not much of an issue, you may be fine without any overhead shading and protection.  If you are looking to do much entertaining on hot and sunny days, you might want to consider a motorized retractable patio/deck awning to shade you.  These awnings are mainly for shade but can sometimes also be used in light rain if the awning has a good pitch on it and the water flows off easily.  You might instead consider a motorized pergola awning to protect you and your family from both the sun and rain during more inclement weather.  Besides protecting you from rain, the pergola awnings are designed as a more permanent structure and can span larger areas and withstand more wind.  Sunair Awnings and Screens in Jessup, MD and Phoenix, AZ offers many models of retractable patio and deck awnings.   Sunair also offers various motorized retractable fabric roof pergolas and motorized adjustable louvered roof pergolas as well.  The pergola awnings are designed also for rain protection, and water is channeled into integrated gutters and down through internal downspouts in the posts.  Optional roll down screens is also available to protect you from mosquito bugs and insects.  In addition to providing sun protection and privacy, roll down screens also do protect you from moderate wind and some driving rain.  The type of fabric you choose for the roll down screens will depend on the primary purpose of the screens.   More open mesh is more for view and mosquito control, a more closed mesh is more for sun and glare control, while a vinyl fabric and windows is more for use during inclement rainy and colder weather. Sunair has many models and options depending on your budget and your needs.  Each type of product has something different to offer.

Sunair retractable patio or deck awnings are typically installed on the back wall of your house.  As the awning is extended, it cantilevers over your deck or patio without posts.  Sizes vary by model but can be made as large as 32 ft. wide x 14 ft. projection.  These awnings can be motorized and operated by remote control and smartphone apps.  A wind sensor can be added to retract the awning if the wind is too much.  Other options include a roll down front valance which is great for West facing patios and decks.  When the sun gets lower in the late afternoon, you can roll down the valance for extra sun protection when the sun gets low in the horizon.  LED lights are also available for the arms and front bar for that special evening with friends or family to create that special mood on your patio. On cloudy days when you are not using the awning it stays retracted against the wall allowing light to penetrate unlike permanent fixed awnings, which block light on dark gloomy days. Unlike stationary awnings there is no need for seasonal takedown and re-installation. The awning stays retracted on the wall out of harm’s way.

A Sunair pergola awning is more flexible and can be mounted to the wall or installed as a free-standing structure in your yard.  Compared to a patio awning, the pergola offers a more permanent solution and are mean to be used on sunny days as well as on inclement rainy days.   Sunair offers two types of Pergola awnings.  The fabric pergola awnings have a retractable fabric “roof” that opens like a roman shade.  The two primary fabric pergola roof models are the Level and Nomo models by Sunair. Choosing one over the other will depend on the look you desire as well as your budget, and how large of an area you need to cover.  The Opera and Vision motorized adjustable louvered roof pergolas have metal horizontal louvers that at a touch of a button, automatically adjusts the louvers to the sun’s angle.  It allows you to open the roof for full sun, close the louvers to control the amount of shade, or close the roof completely for a weather-tight seal in the rain and snow.  The Brera by Sunair is the best of both worlds, offering a louvered pergola system that can also retract the louvers for more of an alfresco experience, similar to a fabric roof pergola that fully retracts and opens up.  A pergola awning offers the same relaxing space that you would expect of your living room, but with the added benefit of natural light and some breeze from the outside. Add roll down screens for more protection from the side.  Perimeter LED lights and spotlights are also available to create that special mood on your patio.  Add heaters and fans to make the cooler and hot summer nights more comfortable.

Outdoor rooms continue to be in demand and serve as incredible places to relax and spend time with friends and family.   Adding a retractable patio awning or a pergola awning will enhance your experience and protect your loved ones.  Now your new outdoor space can give you the freedom to live your best life in luxury and enjoy it with family and friends.  To add a retractable patio or Pergola awning to your space feel free to contact for more information.  You can also call 800-548-0408 for a dealer near you.  Since 1880 Sunair has been protecting you from the sun and rain.  Now, we offer you the opportunity and the satisfaction of creating something unique. A reflection of your personal style.